The Brand

Welcome to the Bold, Distinctive, and Bespoke World of AYANA.
Meticulously crafted with the finest diamonds and colored gemstones in the world, AYANA invites you into a world of unparalleled opulence with a promise to captivate.


Each and every AYANA creation is a one of kind piece, crafted to set apart our exclusive clientele. AYANA is an appointment only jewelry house. 

       Bold & Distinctive Designs

AYANA's design philosophy revolves around achieving perfection through creative innovation. With this philosophy in mind, we are able to actively create the most exquisitely crafted contemporary pieces which embody sophistication. 


       Master Craftsmanship

Every Aspect of an AYANA Creation is meticulously crafted with profound precision. Highly skilled hand-craftsmanship along with laser precision machinery blend together to produce true pieces of art.