The House of ARAYA is proud to offer its clientele four unique lines of jewelry. Although distinctive in their own way, each line stays true to ARAYA's values of originality and boldness.



Daring to defy the norm, our exceptional creations blend the rarest gemstones with the most distinctive design aesthetic; unique to their sole owners.

emerald earings.jpg

Bespoke Line

Our Bespoke collection caters to the thrilling sentiment of owning a commissioned work of art, designed and crafted specifically for you. Our master craftsmen take pride in finding new ways of experimenting with traditional, time-tested techniques and methods to craft forms of originality.


High Jewels

High Jewels

The High Jewelry collection highlights the originality and boldness behind each ARAYA design. The collection utilizes an array of precious gemstones, ranging from fancy cut diamonds to raw uncut emerald beads. Each design expresses a distinct and memorable statement.



Solitaire Line

ARAYA's Solitaire collection offers the finest selection of certified diamond solitaire jewelry. The collection uses diamonds of all shapes and sizes ranging from 0.50ct to 10ct, all certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).